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"I sold my first painting for $25 at the tender age of 14. That kicked off my career as a full time artist. I've worked in many artistic fields, as a fine artist, muralist graphic designer and singer."

"The idea for American Paint Out began when I was awarded an artist-in-residency with the Porcupine Mountains in the U.P of Michigan. I lived in a cabin in the woods for two weeks with no running water, no lights and no people. That should have been a hardship on a city girl who'd spent half her life on stage as in the public eye. But it had just the opposite effect on me. I realized how little it took to make me happy. Today, I can give you the formula for perfect joy: Communing with God in beautiful scenery armed with a paint brush! At least, that's what works for me. Subscribe to the blog and you'll get to share in our adventures as my dog, Maestro as I live out the life I discovered those many years ago in the Porcupine Mountains. And I hope to meet you out there in the wilderness someday...painting. If you hear classical singing somewhere off in the distance, it will probably be me."

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