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Conquering Filming Challenges

When you are filming a painting session, it's a lot harder than you can imagine for the painter. A painter generally stands right in front of the canvas, or in the case of watercolor, it's on the artist's lap or laying mostly flat. Finding a place to put the camera to capture the action on the canvas is a real challenge. For most of the filming of the first American Paint Out, I was standing to the right side of the canvas and reaching my arm over to stay out of the way of the camera. This is extremely difficult! So, in the studio we tried something different, and placed the camera above me as I sat below and worked at an easel. This was easier for me, but it resulted in a lot of close up ear shots! We are learning as we go...and I'm hoping you don't give up on us as we navigate the perils of the outdoors, traveling in an RV, unexpected weather, dead batteries and swan attacks! Stick with us and I'm sure you will have a great time learning how to paint in pleinair and being entertained at the same time.

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